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250 ml

Vie Collection Micellar Water is an all-in-one cleansing solution for your face, eyes, and lips. This refreshing and crystal-clear formula effectively removes makeup and impurities with extreme gentleness, leaving your skin feeling supple and comfortable. In addition, the skin looks revitalized, providing a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Formulated without alcohol and tested under ophthalmological and dermatological supervision, this Micellar Water provides a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience for all skin types. Say goodbye to harsh cleansers and hello to a gentle and effective makeup removal solution with Vie Collection Micellar Water.


Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Delicate, floral and feminine fragrance.


Gently apply to entire face, eyes and lips with a cotton pad. Do not rinse.  While skin is still damp, apply serum/moisturizer. (StormSister also likes to use this micellar water as a toner. We spritz it on to clean skin with this atomizer and then apply our favorite serum and moisturizer).


vie collection micellar water

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    At VIE Collection, their researchers integrate the most powerful dermatological ingredients and molecules at the cutting edge of anti-aging research to devise and create the most effective products against skin aging. Find the most appropriate solution to your anti-aging concern.

    Cleansing Micelles - small spheres with dual affinity that behave like a cleansing agent. Lipophilic parts attract and trap makeup and aqueous and oily secretions in the center of the micelle. Hydrophilic parts allow the micelle to be easily removed by water.

    Volumizing Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic Acid plays a key role in the structure of the epidermis, helping to maintain an optimal level of hydration by trapping water in the skin’s deeper layers. At the epidermal level, Hyaluronic Acid stimulates the synthesis of cell junction proteins, limiting transepidermal water loss and regulating hydration. At the dermal level, it causes the skin to retain water, forming a reserve. Hyaluronic Acid stimulates the sythesis of collagen I, increasing skin firmness and smoothness.

    Vitamin B Moisturizing Duo
    • Vitamin B3 - a water-soluble vitamin rarely stored by the body. Vitamin B3 helps stimulate the barrier function of the skin by reducing transepidermal water loss. It also stimulates collagen synthesis to improve skin texture.

    • Vitamin B5 - component of Coenzyme A. Plays a key role in cell metabolism and participates in hydration of the deep layers of the epidermis.

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