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StormSister Spatique® is an online beauty shopping experience.

Where did the name "StormSister" come from?

When my sister and I owned our spa together, we had a client who called us the "Storm Sisters". Sturm is my last name and Sturm = Storm in Deutsch. When I left the salon/spa to start my own company, 'StormSister' just felt right.

I grew up in my grandmother’s 'beauty shop' and was a hairdresser for 30+ years. I have developed several beauty products over the years and established a leading reputation as a pop-up market producer within the Upper Midwest, as well as consulting entrepreneurs in the retail space.

Why is PEZ the official StormSister Spatique® candy?

Much of my heritage is from Austria/Germany and since PEZ is originally from Austria I wanted a fun candy from that region to be part of the StormSister Spatique® brand.
So, PEZ is included with each online and pop-up purchase!

Be certain to stop by my pop-up markets as well!

MN Christmas Market!

Becky Sturm
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