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250 ml


Vie Collection Instant Cleansing Milk is the ultimate solution for gentle and effective skin cleansing. With its milky texture that effortlessly transforms into a soft, evanescent fluid, this cleansing milk is perfect for removing impurities from the skin and around the eyes. Experience infinite gentleness as it cleanses, leaving your skin feeling smoothed and comforted. Not only that, your skin will become visibly more beautiful, supple, and radiant with regular use. Say goodbye to harsh cleansers and hello to a gentle, luxurious cleansing experience with Vie Collection Instant Cleansing Milk.


Apply a dime-sized dollop to damp face and neck and emulsify with water. Gently work over the skin. Rinse with tepid water. Use morning and evening. While skin is still damp, apply toner and serum/moisturizer.

vie collection instant cleansing milk

  • Call/Text 612 716 5480 within 2 weeks of purchase and we will exchange product/refund your purchase, minus shipping charges, when we receive the unused portion of your purchase. - Return postage is the responsibility of the consumer.

    "Lost" packages are not replaced if Track and Confirm states your order has been "Delivered".

    At VIE Collection, their researchers integrate the most powerful dermatological ingredients and molecules at the cutting edge of anti-aging research to devise and create the most effective products against skin aging. Find the most appropriate solution to your anti-aging concern.

    Hyaluronic Acid (with low molecular weight) - increases skin firmness by stimulating the synthesis ofcollagen, limits dehydration by stimulating the synthesis of cell junction proteins and retains water inside the skin to maintain moisture.

    Anti-Pollution Oligosaccharide - protects skin from the damaging effects of pollution (heavy metals, cigarette smoke, etc.) by creating a protective barrier between skin and environmental stress factors.

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