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Aromatherapy matches contain 12 wooden approx. 2” scented matchsticks in glass apothecary style vial with cork stopper + striker on bottom.


Known as 'Holy Stick" palo santo is used to clean bad energy and impart good luck in your home or dwelling space. The aroma is reminiscent of baked apples or bunt sugar.


- Glass jar with 12  palo santo essential oil scented wooden matchsticks
- Phosphorous match striker on the bottom of the glass vial
- Wooden matches are for single use only
- Wooden matchstick length approximately 2"

TIP: please do not use excessive force when striking the matchstick. This can cause the colored tip to break + may even break the matchstick

Glass jar dimensions: 22mm(0.87" diameter) × 65mm (2.56" height without cork), 12mm (0.47" bottle mouth). Capacity: 15ml.

Perfect to burn alone or add to a candle to create a unique gift.


Don't leave flame unattended. Allow wooden stick to smolder after it burns.

palo santo aromatherapy matches

  • Call/Text 612 716 5480 within 2 weeks of purchase and we will exchange product/refund your purchase, minus shipping charges, when we receive the unused portion of your purchase. - Return postage is the responsibility of the consumer.

    "Lost" packages are not replaced if Track and Confirm states your order has been "Delivered".

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