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Phytomer Homme BodyDeclic Toning Contouring for Waist and Stomach 150 ml.
Phytomer Homme BodyDeclic/Corps Tonic Toning Contouring
for Waist and Stomach
Exceptional marine ingredients help to eliminate the appearance of excess fat. Ideal for the waist and stomach. The skin’s look is visibly improved, moisturized* and firmed.
* moisturizing of the upper layers of the epidermis
Its invigorating fragrance. Its ease of use. A targeted treatment adapted to men's fat tissue. Good to know: Men's cellulite is made up of fat only (in women it includes water as well). The fat mass always forms on the front, back and sides of the waist, giving rising to "love handles". The vitamin-enriched lipolytine in BodyDéclic, an invigorating slimming treatment, targets precisely those areas to help eliminate excess fat.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To be used daily, morning and/or evening over areas to be firmed or contoured. Apply with light circular massage movements until fully absorbed.
150 ml

StormSister Spatique - Phytomer Homme Corps Tonic/Body Declic for Waist and Stomach