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Fleur's Sourire Clandestine Lipstick
The mouth is the very expression of charm and sensuality. For a radiant smile, lipstick is essential. By simply using lipstick you can enhance light or dark complexions or illuminate your eyes by contrast. Enriched with essential oil extract of Gardenia, Fleur's lipsticks soften and protect the lips.
This rich lipstick glides over the lips nourishing and protecting them. Vitamin E associated with extracts of gardenia make lips perfectly beautiful, supple and soft.

Moisturizing, light and long-lasting: Mixable shades, lots of combinations:

$23 & $26.50

Available in the following shades:

Lipstick - Gardenia
Rose Gardenia F60 Sale $14  Add to Cart
Lipstick - Armeria
Beige Armeria F61 Sale $14  Add to Cart
Ixora  F63 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Lipstick - Adonis
Genuine Red Adonis F72 Sale $14  Add to Cart


Lipstick - Ixora

Pearlized Coral Ixora F117 Sale $14 Add to Cart

Purchase Fleur's Des Sables F125 Lipstick here or in my Spatique.

Fleur des Sables Lip Balm F125  Add to Cart
Similar to F122 but with a copper shimmer.

After defining the lips with a brush, apply lipstick starting in the middle of the lips, and gradually move outward. To make lipstick last longer, gently press a tissue on the lips, then apply a second layer.
For better fix, shade in the lips with a lip pencil before using lipstick.

If using real reds that intensify the lips, use less makeup on the eyes. For makeup more intense on the eyes, use a lighter lipstick or natural lip-gloss.

Fleur's Lipstick