Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Intellimune.
INtelligent Nutrients USDA
Certified Organic Intellimune
Intellimune™ Oil  Powder
USDA certified organic nutraceutical
supplements--offer a super potent amount
of antioxidants in a single serving. Both
are made from thousands of certified
organic fruit and herb seeds chosen for their extremely high antioxidant properties and blended for a synergistically higher health potential. Cold-pressed without chemicals or heat for integrity, efficacy, safety and
purity. The unprecedented levels of immune-boosting antioxidants in Intellimune help prevent premature aging and help combat oxidative stress. Each teaspoon of oil delivers the antioxidant equivalent of eating 10 pounds of grapes, raspberries or cranberries. We feel so strongly about the value of Intellimune™, we have added it to every IN product.
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