Becky Sturm
--FREELANCE ingredient consultant. I consult with a Master Aromatherapist and product developer to create my own signature beauty/grooming brand made from all-natural ingredients.

--CONSULT about the the Beauty industry as a whole. From product ingredients and manufacturing to the Salon and Spa industry.

--DRIVE traffic to your BUSINESS and increase sales thru your socal media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) with daily, weekly and monthly social media updates and promotions, hot tips and advice. I am nationally recognized and sought out as a beauty expert due to my 25+ years in the beauty industry and exposure and experience with social media.

--DEVELOP your all-natural beauty/grooming products for travel, men, women, babies, teens. I have extensive experience creating safe, all natural products that are also locally sourced and produced.

--SPEAK to your organization about natural beauty/grooming products and the important differences between organic certification and "natural" and why packaging can be misleading! I have over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and enthusiastically educate the public about the lack of regulation in personal grooming packaging/products and why consumers need to be more aware of what they use on their bodies.

--PARTNER with me to create an exclusive product solely for YOUR business!