phytomer oligomer silhouette

8 x 40 gr sachets


Phytomer OLIGOMER® Silhouette Contouring Enhancer Marine Bath


PHYTOMER introduces a customized 2-step contouring program to help reshape the figure.
Step 1: slip into an OLIGOMER® SILHOUETTE bath to relax and enjoy the action of its four exclusive marine ingredients.
Step 2: apply a PHYTOMER contouring cream to resculpt the figure.
The result: the bath boosts the contouring effectiveness of the cream for a sleeker figure.


SKIN TYPE: Excessive curves and cellulite

TEXTURE: Single-use bath powder packets

USE: Morning or evening. (Stormsister loves this bath in the evening, before bed. Soak for 20 minutes.)

phytomer oligomer silhouette