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intelligent I-N onebody hand balm

2 fl oz.


Intelligent I-N OneBody® Hand Balm. Intelli-seed science. Same certified organic super oils, new look.


A Better Hand Treatment.


Our hands are used more than ever as texting, typing and swiping have become primary communication. Intelli-Fruit Science™ Hand Balm returns the power of touch to our tap-twice moments, with an ultra-rich yet clean balm that’s certified organic and buildable. It leaves hands and nails beautifully supple and keyboards, screens and steering wheels usable.


63% Dark Spot reduction in 42 days.*
Eliminates rough, uneven texture by 26% in 28 days
Reduced wrinkles by 28% in 28 days

Certified organic super oils, sea bioactives and rich healing fruit butter deliver the ultimate hand and nail therapy. Light yet dense, it feels like a remix of a cream and butter, leaving hands deeply hydrated, perfectly scented yet feeling clean. Formulated to revive the hardest working hands and soothe the most delicate, complete rejuvenating luxury is now at your fingertips.


Dry & chapped hands? Apply after hand-washing and bathing/showering. Apply Hand Balm followed by Liquid Green Body Oil to lock in moisture for overnight relief. Wake up and indulge in the smoothness.

intelligent I-N onebody hand balm
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