intelligent I-N intelli-sense candle

9 oz. Candle burns for approximately 40 hours.


Intelli-Sense Candle.

Turn on your senses.

99% certified organic essential oil aroma/flavors of bright citrus orange, sweet raspberry grounded with warm vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood and more create the perfect ambiance while making your cells sing.


100% Transparency.
Many personal care product manufacturers hide toxic ingredients in their “fragrances" as they are considered trade secrets. Intelligent I-N disclose every ingredient for 100% transparency. Glass jar is reusable and made from 100% recycled glass.


Breathe I-N and your cells will sing. Your body knows fake from real. It knows more about healing and pleasure than all the labs and books in existence could ever tell you. Inhale their certified organic essential oil aromas and flavors—the difference is obvious.

intelligent I-N intelli-sense candle