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Foot Pain, Circulation and Diabetes

The toes support the feet when standing and walking, every time you stand up and walk the toes spring into action, giving your body the balance you need so you won't fall down.

There are many nerve endings in the toes which correspond to the face, eyes, ears, sinuses, etc. The toes are subject to the rigors of tight shoes, ski boots, pain from diabetes, etc, making them suffer more then any other part in your body when wearing shoes, standing and walking. By stimulating circulation in the toes you counter the suffering with pampering, you improve your balance in standing and walking, and you improve relaxation in the face, eyes, ears, etc, which makes you feel and look better. Having diabetes you are more prone to foot problems, because the disease can damage your blood vessels and nerves.

Daily care routine is recommended for people with diabetes:

1. Check your feet every day. Inspect the top, sides, soles, heels, and between the toes.

2. Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water and mild soap.

3. Gently and thoroughly dry the feet, particularly between the toes, because infections can develop in moist areas.

4. Keep the blood flowing to your feet and toes.

5. Exercise daily to promote good circulation.

How can Snoosy help?

The foot region is made up of 26 bones and 33 joints. There is a layer of 126 intertwining foot muscles, ligaments and nerves.

The toes are the last frontier in wellness, up till now there was no product on the market geared specifically to massage and stimulate circulation in the toes.

Snoosy toe massager is the first ever wellness device specifically designed for the toes. The lightest massage tool (weighing under a 1/4 ounce), Snoosy pampers and stimulates circulation in the toes. By gently separating the toes in a up and down motion, Snoosy pulls and stretches ligaments, tendons and muscles in the feet and toes, giving them and the whole body a sense of wellbeing.

After a tiring day whether it is at work or simply shopping when you return home the first thing that you notice is that your feet and toes are killing you. The simplest thing that you can do to relieve this pain is to sit down and take your shoes off. This takes away the immediate pains. Then you wriggle your feet and toes to restore the blood circulation in your feet. This helps a little more but to give your foot total relief having a Snoosy between your toes is sheer bliss.