Red Note Botanica Le Cube de Parfum

Red Note Botanica Le Cube de Parfum
LE CUBE DE PARFUM.  Perfect perfume cube
on-the-go! Refresh your fragrance and hydrate your
skin with one magical sweep. Natural shea butter and apricot, avocado, and sunflower oils leave your skin butter soft.
 Add to Cart Sweet 'n Sexy Dragonette - lime and sweet orange, clove and a splash of vanilla ginger cream.
Add to Cart Volupte - rose, jasmine, sweet orange and ylang-ylang.
Red Note Botanica Le Cube de Parfum3 oz

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First Love - Cherries, Sweet Orange, Almond, Vanilla Cream.
Add to CartFrench Kisses - chestnuts roasted in brown sugar, cafe caramel au lait and dark chocolate.
Add to CartRendez Vous a Rome - Lemon, orange, almond, white chocolate, dulce de leche and vanilla.
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