Intelligent Nutrients Seductive Certified

Organic Multi-Functional Aroma.

Intelligent Nutrients
3 Seductive Aromatic
Make Love. Multi-functional aroma
designed for sensuality and intimacy,
this warm, sweet and sensuous blend is filled with
intoxicating aphrodisiac properties of nutmeg, clove and rich vanilla. This trio of oils creates an exotic and tantalizing bouquet while a touch of blackberry melts the heart.
1. Spray on skin, body and hair to attract, purify, stimulate, soothe, deodorize and refresh.
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Ingredients: vanilla,
nutmeg seed oil, clove bud oil, orange peel oil, flavors of berry, blackberry, mango, coconut, pineapple, coconut cream, Vitamin E, Grain Alcohol, castor seed oil
2. Aids against jet lag
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